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101996 HPI SB-5 SERVO (METAL GEAR/11.8KG-CM 6.0V)
This quick and powerful servo is an ideal upgrade or replacement servo for hardcore RC enthusiast..
Ex Tax: £24.99
H6280  -  HV Ultra Speed Helicopter Cyclic MG Servo
Heli pilots craving the utmost in performance will appreciate the power, speed, precision and..
Ex Tax: £115.83
P-AAS645LMG Alturn Low Profile Servo BB/MG 41x21x29mm 7.7/9.0Kg 0.14/0.11s 35g
Ex Tax: £18.33
P-AAS750MG Race Servo BB/MG
P-AAS750MG Race Servo BB/MG 39x19x38.5mm 10.4/12.8Kg 0.14/0.12s 48g  ..
Ex Tax: £15.83
P-AAS752MG Race Servo BB/MG 39x19x38.5mm 8.6/10.8Kg 0.11/0.09s 48g
Race Servo BB/MG 39x19x38.5mm 8.6/10.8Kg 0.11/0.09s 48g  ..
Ex Tax: £15.83
P-NEWXL09 New Power XL-9 Servo
A micro, analogue servo designed for lightweight outdoor models. A reliable, value-for-money ..
Ex Tax: £4.16
P-NEWXL09HMB New Power XL-09HMB Servo
Specifications Weight: 11g Bearings:..
Ex Tax: £7.08
P-NEWXL17HMB New Power XL-17HMB Servo
An all purpose micro servo for applications where gear strength, precision and strong torque ar..
Ex Tax: £9.16
P-NEWXL36 New Power XL-36 Servo
Ex Tax: £4.99
P-NEWXL38HMB New Power XL-38HMB Servo
Ex Tax: £10.83
P-NEWXLD45HMB New Power XLD-45HMB Digital Servo
Digital, standard size, High torque, metal geared servo for heavy duty operation like ..
Ex Tax: £14.99
P-S3003 Futaba Servo Standard (Boxed) 0.19s/4.1Kg
Ex Tax: £7.71
P-S3010 - Futaba Servo Std BB 0.16s/6.5Kg
Ex Tax: £21.46
P-S3050 - Futaba Servo Digital Mtl/Gear 0.16s/6.5Kg
Ex Tax: £34.16
P-S3306MG Futaba Servo Hi-Torque M/Gear 0.16s/24.0Kg
The S3306 servo has carved out a niche for large aircraft and car use, and this new me..
Ex Tax: £37.49
PI-3401 - Xpert RC PI-3401 Brushless Servo 13.20kg 0.070 Sec 6.6v Complete Alloy Case 4.8 - 6.6v
  PI-3401 Specifications. Dimensions: L40mm x W20mm x H26.8mm Weight: 45.0g Speed @ 6..
Ex Tax: £74.99
PL-1207B PowerStar HV Brushless Servo (Low Profile)
Ex Tax: £49.99
PL-1207LBL PowerStar HV Brushless Servo (Low Profile)
Ex Tax: £49.99
PL-1207O PowerStar HV Brushless Servo (Low Profile)
Ex Tax: £49.99
PL-2211B HV PowerStar HV Brushless Servo (high torque)
Ex Tax: £49.99
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